When AmericanK9 Dog training instructors conduct adult dog and puppy training in your home, they will assess your current household dynamics and how they influence your dog’s behaviors. After making any necessary adjustments to the environment, your instructor will then teach you methods of communication that will help you lead your dog with confidence and ease. No matter what breed, age, or issue, Americank9 Dog Training’s natural, dog-friendly methods are proven effective,  100% guaranteed results.

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Establishing Leadership & Rules

AmericanK9 Dog training instructors will teach you how to gain control of your dog, quickly, effectively, and reliably. Confidence and ownership is key, we will show you the way!  Once the role of leadership is fulfilled by you, most other issues and concerns will fall naturally and easily into place. All the dog training tips in the world won’t matter if your dog doesn’t view you as their leader. Dogs have an innate need for the social structure and security of a pack, so in order to maintain a peaceful existence, dog owners must learn to confidently lead that pack. The bottom line is this: Dog behavior issues almost always stem from lack of consistent leadership, rules, and discipline.  Canine leadership isn’t difficult to achieve, it simply requires a basic understanding of the leadership mindset and consistent use of a few, straightforward techniques.

Once you’ve assumed your role as a leader in your home, all you will need is consistency and the natural techniques taught by AmericanK9 Dog Training instructors to reinforce and strengthen the bond between you and your dog. AmericanK9 Dog Training instructors can show you how to transform a “problem dog” into a happy, obedient lifelong best friend, often in only a matter of hours. AmericanK9 is so confident with our dog training methods that we offer 100% Guarantee!

Developed by Master Trainer, Krys Rackley, our simple and effective dog training methods focus on developing a solid relationship between owner and dog to establish a lasting emotional bond based on discipline, respect, trust, and communication.  Our techniques leverage the same communication methods, body language and voice control, that dogs follow as part of their instinctual pack mentality. For dog behavior training, we come to your home at a time convenient to everyone in your household. In as little as two hours, the AmericanK9 Dog Training instructors can help owners establish control of their dog. In the first session, you will see dramatic improvements in your dog’s behavior.

What we can address during In-Home Dog Training:

  • Basic dog obedience
  • Chewing and destruction
  • Jumping on people
  • Nuisance barking
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Puppy Training
  • Separation Anxiety
  • House breaking

and much more…