Multi-Dog Household Consultations

Like us, do you have multiple dogs at your doorstep? Feel like you are sometimes your own small scale circus?

Our trainers at AmericanK9 all have multi dog households, we understand the struggle and how real that struggle can feel!  Should you be dealing with pack dynamic issues, dog scuffles, aggression, or just lacking control and order with your dogs, we CAN help!

Give us a call and let us know what issues we are having and we will be more than happy to help you rectify the situation and get your house to a calm and balanced state. Many dogs just need structure and discipline. We have the ability to make a custom tailored agendas and training that will change that circus to a warm and inviting home with well behaved dogs. Guaranteed! The more the chaos, the more fun for our trainers! Test us!

Considering a second dog but don’t know the best fit? See our Puppy or New Dog Selection page!

Private Lesson Packages:

This package includes a private consult with your personal one on one dog training instructor and your dog. This program is designed for individuals who are dedicated to the training process and have the time to devote to the follow up weekly training that is involved in “homework” week to week. This program is only successful if you’re willing to do the homework with your dog. It requires time and dedication on the owners end to maximize the results. The dog training instructor teaches you and your dog the fundamentals and you can teach your dog daily to get the desired result. This package is 10% of us doing the training and 90% of you implementing and following through.