Service Dog Training Columbia MD

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Service Dog Training

Price: $250

AmericanK9 Dog Training provides custom training for service dog teams based on individual needs. Our trainers have experience working with children, adults, and families training their own dogs to create successful dog/handler teams.

AmericanK9 has a very specialized approach that focuses on how your partnership with your service dog will help you overcome the challenges you face in your home and in public. We use a variety of training techniques that allow all of our clients to be fully vested in the training process of their service dog. We offer what is called an Owner Trainer Service Dog Program. AmericanK9’s Instructors have a very successful program that helps place the right puppy or dog with the individual for maximized success.

Service dogs will allow you or your loved one a new found independence by providing assistance in everyday life. Service dogs can improve the lives of people with a wide range of disabilities, should it be physical, neurological, or psychiatric.

AmericanK9 trains service dogs to mitigate symptoms of many disabilities such as: autism, anxiety disorders, depression, diabetes detection, epilepsy detection, multiple sclerosis (MS), post-traumatic stress (PTS or PTSD), severe allergies, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). We also often customize tasks for a specific client’s needs.

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