Board and Train — AmericanK9’s Most Popular Program

Board and Train — AmericanK9’s Most Popular Program

A complete immersion dog training program

With over 25+ Years of Experience in dog training, AmericanK9 has developed a well-respected reputation for dog training in the Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia areas. To date, AmericanK9 has trained over 5,500 dogs and are the trusted dog training professionals for all of your dog training needs. Our Certified Dog Trainers specialize in Puppy Training, Obedience, Aggression, Anxiety, and Service Dog Training.

AmericanK9 has spent years developing our board and train model. AmericanK9 offers  unique Board and Train programs fully customized to match each individual client and dog. We will discuss further during your consultation to see what your individual needs are and develop a training plan to fit your needs and goals.

The program that has been designed is unlike no other. From the moment the dog steps foot into the facility, everything changes. We begin a bond with your dog, which will last a lifetime as well as start a new beginning of learning and understanding what will be expected of them from here forward. We begin by removing the bad habits, building confidence, and educating the dog on what is expected of them. We hold the dogs accountable for their actions; this is the key to our success.

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