Excellence Through Continued Education

Excellence Through Continued Education

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We strive day in and day out to provide the best customer service to each and every individual we come across. AmericanK9, LLC is so much more than just a Dog Training company, we invite you to tour our site and learn the ins and outs of this very versatile group that makes AmericanK9 everything that it is.

AmericanK9’s team has 70+ years of combined experience and one thing that is always evolving is the Dog Training Industry as a whole. The 70+ years of experience make us a dynamite team, but what keeps us excelling is the continued education and knowledge that our company strives for. AmericanK9 spends over 500 hours annually at K9 Training Seminars and Workshops for continued education. AmericanK9 LLC takes great pride in providing a wide variety of training methods, unlike our competitors we do not believe in a cookie-cutter method of training. We use the right tools for each individual owner and dog, that is what sets us apart from our competition. We guarantee when you come for dog training at AmericanK9 LLC that you’ll be receiving the latest and most evolved training methods in today’s market. The dog training industry is always changing, we are always learning, allowing us to train our clients to the best of our abilities. Trust AmericanK9 LLC  to show you what an amazing dog you can have and will have if you allow our team to work with you!

Krys Rackley — CEO, Founder, Instructor/Handler

AmericanK9 was founded by Krys Rackley, an elite dog trainer/handler/instructor in Crownsville, Maryland. As a young child, Krys was an avid dog lover and spent every second possible with her dogs and training dogs around her area. From the young age of 10 years old, it was more than apparent that Krys had a god-given gift to work with animals and understand them in ways that to this day amaze some very of the most elite dog trainers around the world. To say that Krys is one of the most humble trainers and business owners that you’ll ever meet would be an understatement. To talk to her you’ll hear one of the most well-spoken, educated, and confident women you would ever come across in her profession. She is real, she doesn’t sugarcoat the truth, she is as raw and honest as they come. For that, she is a trusted resource and the guiding light that so many K9 Handlers and dog owners look to for direction.

Krys comes from a long line of relatives who have been in the K9 Industry long before her and she has continued the legacy. Today, Krys is widely acknowledged as one of the best bed bug detection trainers/instructors in the United States. Her natural ability to understand, connect with canines has contributed to her immense success as a professional trainer, handler, and instructor.

Krys has received continuing education with formal training with internationally known trainers, behaviorists, and mentors such as Karen Pryor, Sue Sternberg, and Randy Hare. Krys Rackley received her formal education at Arizona State University where she studied Animal Behavior and Psychology.

Krys spent nearly a decade at American Pest where she developed their K9 Unit that specialized in Bed Bug Detection. Krys was honored to have done the work that she did while at American Pest and received accolades from USDA and top tier pest management firms for her canine bed bug detection work. Upon leaving American Pest in 2012 to start Kore K9 LLC, American Pest began a business partnership with Kore K9, now known as AmericanK9 and American Pest bed bug inspections are still conducted by the K9’s Krys trained while at American Pest.

Krys Rackley has written articles and columns for Revistas Unidad K9’s, Baltimore Sun, Dog World Magazine, IACP Magazine, and many more! She’s given hundreds of presentations to industry leaders and professionals on her K9 detection training, aggression rehabilitation, obedience training, and evaluation practices, philosophies, and research. AmericanK9 is dedicated to continuing education to better our industry, to learn from one another, and to provide the best dog training available in today’s market. We encourage you to contact us and get to know us on a personal level, you won’t regret it… we can assure you that!

Professional Experience

  • On and Off Leash Obedience
  • Advanced Obedience
  • E-Collar Training
  • Personal and Home Protection
  • Search and Rescue
  • Detection/Detection Handling/ Instructor
  • Detection Research
  • Therapy Training and Services
  • Service Dog Training and Certification
  • Diabetic Alert Dogs and Public Access
  • Police K9 Sales
  • Police K9 Training
  • K9 Breeding Program
  • Green Dog Sales
  • K9 Instructor and Guest Speaker
  • Bed Bug Detection K9’s

Trainer and Kennel Manager

Lead Trainer and Service Dog Trainer





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